Hannu Kiiski

Hannu Kiiski studied in Sibelius Academy with Erkki Rautio and Arto Noras. He completed his studies in University of Michigan in 1973-1974 with prof. Oliver Edel. Kiiski won second shared place in Turku Cello Competition in 1975 and 1978, semifinal place in Tšaikovski-competition in Moscow in 1978 and in Gaspar Cassado -competition in Florence in 1979. His first concert he played in 1981.

Kiiski is one of Finland's most distinguished sello pedagog. He has teached cellists in Sibelius Academy from 1977 and has educated many generations of new cellists. Kiiski has performed both as a soloist and chamber musician in different ensembles in Finland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and United States. He is also a member of Trio Finnico as well as Total Cello Ensemble, which he founded in 1994. At Naantali Music Festival Kiiski has performed already for 15 years.

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