Seela Sella

Seela Sella is a Finnish actor with a career spanning more than 40 years to date.

She has played roles in productions at the Finnish National Theatre, the TTT-Theatre, the Tampere Comedy Theatre and other notable venues, and has also made nearly 35 appearances for film and television. She has also arranged monologue, song and recital nights.

Sella has most recently worked with Finnish director Timo Koivusalo on several films, including the role of Aino Sibelius in his 2003 film Sibelius, and in several other Finnish films and television series. She also appeared in Koivusalo’s 2006 film Kalteva torni [Leaning Tower]. Her voice-over work features in the Finnish versions of such animated movies as A Bug’s Life and The Emperor’s New Groove.

Sella received an award for her work from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation in 2000.

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