Information about ticket refund and rescheduled concerts

Naantali Music Festival has canceled live audience concerts in June 2021, due to Covid-19 pandemic and restriction situation. The festival will, however, not be canceled completely, but will organize three online concerts in June. Part of the concerts planned for summer 2021 will also be rescheduled for autumn or year 2022.

The programme of the three online concerts and of the autumn and winter concerts will be presented at the beginning of May, when also the ticket sales begin.

Tickets for the rescheduled concerts remain valid for the new concert time

Anne Sofie von Otter’s concert is being rescheduled and a new time will be launched as soon as possible.

Partita Concertante will take place within the festival of 2022. A new time will be announced later.  

Iiro Rantala’s My Finnish Calendar is rescheduled for Friday 1st October at 19.00. Besides the time, also the location will change from Kristoffer Hall to Naantali Spa Ballroom.

Dinner Concert with Aili Ikonen will take place in one year, on Thursday 9th June, 2022.

The same counts for New Skipper Quartet, taking place on Friday 10th June, 2022.

Tickets already purchased for these concerts in 2020 or 2021 remain valid as such for the new concert time. It is also possible to refund them or exchange them for a voucher in case the new time is inconvenient.

Tickets can be refunded or traded for a voucher

All other tickets can be refunded or traded for a Naantali Music Festival voucher by 30th June, 2021.

In case you have purchased tickets from Lippupiste, online or ticket outlet, you can make a refund claim at

In case you have purchased the tickets directly from the Naantali Music Festival office, please contact

The voucher is valid one year from its delivery date, so you can use it to buy tickets for Naantali Music Festival concerts in the autumn 2021, and winter and summer 2022 – the ticket sales for the festival 2022 begin by the end of 2021.